Welcome to The Taskers Trophy Inter-Club Golf Competitions for the Over Fifties

2017 Taskers Trophy Winners & Presentation of Funding to Junior Golf →

Nottinghamshire Girls project projects enhanced with Taskers Trophy Funding

At a Junior Committee Meeting it was decided that the funding from Taskers would be used to help fund the following two projects: Bursaries for nominated girls to ...Read More →

Helping Junior Talent win Leicestershire & Rutland

The funding will assist in the identification of those juniors at clubs who have golfing ability and to help draw out this talent through supervised training and development. ...Read More →

Funding will continue to develop junior golf in Staffordshire

Firstly I would like to thank Taskers UK, on behalf of the SLCGA, for their continued efforts to support our county juniors and new youngsters into golf. The ...Read More →

Supporting Junior Golf

The aim of the competition is to return as much of your entry fee to support grass roots development of junior golf in your county. Find out how your county has been supported by the Inter-Club competitions.

About the Competition

Sponsored by Taskers UK, an Inter-Club knockout, for players aged 50 and over. Winners from the first round going on to compete for ‘The Taskers Trophy’ and the losers going on to compete for ‘The Taskers Plate'