Golf more popular than football in school PE lessons

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It’s always great to read stories of Junior Golf successes and having read that ‘Golf is more popular in schools than football’ is good news for the future of the game.


Following an olympic year, golf is the second most popular sport in schools to athletics.  On top of this a recent England Golf report said that two-thirds of all English golf clubs have links with local schools, showing the growth in popularity and support behind golf making it a sport fit for future generations.

The report from the golf foundation highlights how their grass roots programme is helping improve the quality of PE in schools. Although the Inter-Club committee don’t donate funds directly to the Golf Foundation – we donate your entry fee directly to your county and association junior sections – It’s encouraging to see the framework for supporting junior golf at grass roots is ever growing through both schools and clubs.

Read more on the reports here:

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Golf Club Management – Golf more Popular in Schools than football

It would be interesting to find out your experiences of school PE – does it include a round of golf?

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  1. Cosby golf club

    That is good news. Golf is more enjoyable and teaches you much more about life than football. Cosby have entered 5 Texas this year, we enjoy it so much.

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