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You may have noticed this year we tweaked our formula for dividing teams into the 4 zones, for the Gents draw. The Ladies zones have always had this mix, so will be familiar with this – so what have we done differently in 2013 for the Gents Zones…?

2013 Zone detail

In the past we grouped clubs into one particular zone, so for example, Matlock A, B and C would all compete in the same zone. The only exception was if a club entered more than 4 teams, we may split them between 2 zones. Mapperley Golf Club were the first to do this entering over 4 teams, this year they entered 8!

This year the committee mixed it up, so what did we do and why;

We listened to your feedback, about wanting to play a wider range of clubs in the competition alongside willingness to travel a bit further to play new clubs.

We saw how successful the ‘mix’ was with the Ladies Inter-Club (Ian Burtoft Trophy) and had positive feedback from the Ladies on the draw zone format.

We still applied some geographical constrains but allowed the zones to overlap and have a wider reach.

We split clubs who had entered more than 1 team into more than 1 zone – some clubs are represented in all zones. Why should this just be limited to clubs who entered more than four teams, as we did in the past.

This also reduces the chances of clubs playing each other in Round 3, we have stuck by our formula for the draw for a team not to meet another team from the same club in rounds 1 and 2.

So what does this change look like geographically?

For detail of the 2013 map – https://interclub.org.uk/map 

2013 vs 2012

2013 Gents Zones2012 Gents Zones











I hope you agree this mix had added to the enjoyment of the competition and in the forthcoming years allow a greater variety of teams to compete against in the early rounds.

Let us know what you think…