2014 Inter-Club Draws are Published

Taskers Trophy

Today we have published the both the Inter-Club draws for Gents and Ladies.

This year sees the Gents compete for The Taskers Trophy  and The Taskers Plate, following Taskers UK becoming our sole title sponsor last year. The Ladies will compete for The Ian Burtoft Trophy. All while you are supporting junior golf in your county.

As ever there has been a lot of work behind the scenes by the committee preparing both the draws and the competition. Having reviewed feedback received from last years competitors, we usually make a few changes, this year we have made some small improvements to both websites, but there have been no changes to the rules for the Gents, and only one minor change for the Ladies, if they need a play off in Round 1 – which tells us last year you liked the way things worked, so we kept it that way!

We have emailed all the team captains in both competitions outlining their next steps to ensure they get the most out of their 2014 Taskers Trophy Inter-Club.

As always here at the 19th blog we look forward to you sharing your stories, match reports, bulletins from your teams and you can also post notices from your club, so why not tell everyone about your open competitions coming up this year? You can submit your posts to us (with pictures!) and we will share with your fellow competitors. Let’s see if any one can out do Rotherham B’s post last year where one of their players got a hole in one!

Here’s to a fantastic season of golf in 2014