Mapperley replay at Breadsall

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Well, having attempted to play this match on Sunday 29th March, the ridiculous rain flooded the Mapperley course very soon after the start time. The Captains agreed to replay at Breadsall on Thursday April 9th.

With a very changed team Mapperley D  took game very close with 3 matches tied after 18 holes. The eventual outcome was a victory for Breadsall B.

A reminder to you all though,  always ensure your team know the rules before you play, for example please make sure all your team know they must play to an outcome in all individual matches.

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  1. Sounds like you all had a great match, despite having to change location due to the weather.

    Great reminder to all team captains too, the best way to ensure you have the rules is to make sure you download, print and take to your match a match score card as that contains a copy of the rules…also we’ve made the website respond better to view on mobile phones, so you could always have a quick look online before your match

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