Plans for Junior Golf Funding by Staffordshire Union of Golf Clubs

These funds will enable us to expand the current coaching for under 14’s in Staffordshire. In particular we aim to have on course assessment of playing performance, supervised by their teaching professionals. This will enable us to pinpoint weaknesses, so that coaching can be targeted, thus improving performance. This will take place over the winter / and Spring in 2017, to better prepare these boys for the 2017 playing season. 


Michael Tunnicliffe, Chairman of Juniors Staffordshire Union of Golf Clubs

  • Estimated number of Juniors benefiting: 20
  • Status’ of Juniors Benefiting: County Players
Andrew Dathan, Past President Staffordshire Union of Golf Clubs and Diana Jeynes Representative Staffordshire LCGA, collecting funding from Mike Crawford at the 2016 Final

These are the plans for the funding received from the 2016 Inter-Club competitions.