70+ young Derbyshire Golfers will benefit from Taskers funding

You are currently viewing 70+ young Derbyshire Golfers will benefit from Taskers funding
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Thanks to the generosity of all involved in the Taskers Inter-Club Competitions, the junior golfers in Derbyshire are benefitting from the best coaching and competition pathways that the county has seen in years.

Approximately 70 young golfers will be involved in the 2017-18 programmes and the Taskers funding enables us to offer opportunities for a wide range of ages and abilities.

Highlights of 2017, which will be organised again thanks to the Taskers contribution, includes: Team Building at Lea Green (outdoor education and adventurous activity centre), the use of Golf Data Lab for the county elite players, Woodall Spa away days and Strength and Conditioning Training.

The financial support also helps to fund the county competition structure, which provides opportunities for all juniors from complete beginners on the 9 hole Futures Tour events, to the elite young players taking part in the Junior Order of Merit events and County Championships.

Now that the county bodies have merged to become Derbyshire County Golf Limited (commencement date 1 November 2017), the Derbyshire Junior Steering Group are able to work closely together to provide the best opportunities for both and girls and boys.

Combined events help to save resources and this enables funds to be utilised more efficiently. There has also been greater integration of the juniors, with friendships and social skills developing as well as their golf. Thank you again for your continued support