Helping fund “the Chicks” in Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire Juniors would benefit from the funding by helping fund “the Chicks”, which is a group we run for 7 plus-year-olds at 2 venues in the county for girls that do not have handicaps and introduce them to golf.

This year we ran 7 Chick events at Woodhall Spa attended by 17 girls and 4 events run at Holme Hall attended by 9 girls. In addition to this, we ran a Chicks Tour at 7 different venues over the summer. 26 different girls attended the Chicks over the year and we hope to expand this in 2019. Once they have a handicap they are entered into the Order of Merit where we hold 6 days with 3 groups each day.


Cindy Ireland - Lincolnshire Womens Golf Association

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