NCLGA now able to offer more coaching

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Taskers Trophy funding has meant that in the last three years we have had our senior team (several of whom were brought up on the county programme) playing in the county finals and in 2015 finishing up the overall winners, this is a remarkable achievement for a small county like ours. It has also meant that we have a much more stable platform from which to develop the juniors and more opportunities to participate in events up and down the country.

In comparison with many other counties, we are a very small county featuring 30 clubs so the impact of The Taskers Trophy Funding is very great for us. We are building up a good junior section to include all ages up to 18. It is enabling us to provide regular coaching for the girls with two local golf professionals and we are extending this to include more winter coaching. We are hoping to be involved with more team activities in the form of county matches, matches against ladies from local clubs and also more matches against the boys which proved a big hit when we staged it this month for the first time.

Our coaching plan for 2019 includes course management, game psychology, types of practice and how to practice. We will also be working on the new rules of golf and also team building. we are looking to introduce more competitions as well to further the team spirit. Because of the funding, we are now able to offer more coaching through the early winter months.

We are closely monitoring handicap reductions in conjunction with the Golf Development programme but also targeting various skill achievements eg putting, bunker play and chipping through their monthly coaching with the two professionals. Each golfer has their own card/file and is responsible for keeping it up to date. We have a jamboree at the end of the season where notable achievements are noted and awards made where applicable.

We are working with NUGC as part of The Notts County Development Partnership to enable girls and boys to participate in all the activities and to give the participants a much wider outlook and further their experiences when playing golf.

This funding supports our objectives to:
1. To utilise all the resources we have available to us in the county to enhance the golfing experience for all young people.
2. To build up junior county teams through initially the Nippers tour, Saturday coaching and leading to eventual selection for the county teams.
3. To foster a team spirit and a support for all members of the team.
4. To achieve the best standard of golf possible for each individual bearing in mind not everyone will reach single figures.

Jenny Smith - Notts County Ladies Golf Association (NCLGA)