Supporting Lincolnshire Boys Junior Golf

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The funding received from Taskers each year goes entirely towards supporting the activities of the junior golfers. Has detailed below we set high but achievable targets and to achieve these targets we have early season team building get-togethers, team matches and competitions at courses across the county so that the boys meet on a regular basis and build up their team bonding and competitive edge.

The LUGC, for boys, caters for junior golfers of all abilities, under the age of 18. They are encouraged to join us. As clubs have a player pathway there is also a player pathway from club activities to county activities supported by county officials. The junior playing programme covers all ages from those just entering the game. Boys between the ages of 6 and 14 are especially welcome, whether they have a handicap or not. They start off with the Little Imps Tour which is a series of five 9 hole events for youngsters who are just starting out in the game. The events are simple, enjoyable stroke play competitions. Opportunities to progress are offered by attending ‘Clinics’ at various locations across the county where you will meet with other junior golfers to practice your game and develop as a team.

So that Lincolnshire may continue to lead the way in producing excellent golfers the LUGC has listened to the views of both the juniors and others and will continue to listen to requests from juniors as well as looking out for players to invite to further coaching and team building sessions. All we ask is for all junior golfers at clubs in Lincolnshire to register with the LUGC for free. Once registered they may qualify for further free coaching, team-building opportunities or individual support to meet their needs. They will also be able to enter the county’s individual junior golf competitions, now with increased handicap limits, and you may also be selected to play in a county team match and receive a county shirt.

The prime outcome targets are the qualification for the England Golf County Boys Final and boys progressing from county golf to the regional England squad. We reached the England Golf County Boys Final in 2018 and in 2019 we missed out in the qualifying round by 1 shot. We also have also seen four boys progress into regional England squad.

Since no other external funding sources are approached we have relied on support from the county union whose income is almost entirely derived from member clubs’ subscriptions. But we do have a county-based society ‘The Lincolnshire Junior Golfers Patrons’ who raise a modest amount of funding through four golfing days each year.

Keith Moody - LUGC Junior Organiser

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