Your Input for planning for our Safe 2021 Return

We want to gather your feedback of the types of things you’d like in place and suggestions to ensure play can continue safely in response to changing Covid-19 conditions.

We are already preparing a range of contingencies and options to enable play to be able to respond to changing conditions due to Covid-19. Before we publish these and open entry for 2021.

We want to ensure that play in 2021 can take place in a safe and friendly environment. We want teams to enter in confidence that we have an approach in place for play to take place in 2021 following the cancellation in 2020. We will, of course, follow all Government and England Golf Guidance.

We also want to ensure we can continue to support junior golf in your county, the response from the counties has been immense as the need for funding of junior golf has never been in greater demand.

By providing your feedback the committee can make sure we have a sound plan to compete in 2021.

Let us know your thoughts, ideas and suggestions for our safe return in 2021

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