Funding enables Lincolnshire Girls access to coaching

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Previous Taskers Trophy funding has helped us maintain a very high standard of coaching for all ages and helps us to offer all girls in the county access to what we have to offer. We hope that by giving them a start at an early age with making it fun, they will carry on playing at clubs, and carry on until they become to old for junior golf.

We have a 1st and 2nd Junior teams; The 2nd for the past four years has won the MNR Junior League. The 1st Team has also won their league. This is a great way of the girls getting ready to play for the Ladies 1st and 2nd Teams. With the help of Taskers Trophy this can continue, our aim is to get as many girls playing for teams as possible.

Taskers Trophy funding helped us to offer more girls the chance to get into Chicks and coaching programmes we offer. As we can run them both in North and South of Lincolnshire. We have also offered them one to one coaching plus a Bursary to help them with all aspects of the game. They go onto entering National Competitions which we pay an entry fee to help parents with the expense, as travel and hotels are paid for by them.

The funding will be used to help provide girls with sessions on the short game area at Woodhall Spa on a regular basis. Plus they get to play nine holes on the main course. They also get the same things at the sessions we are now able to provide in the North of Lincolnshire. We have also given one to one sessions to our Junior Girls.

2019 Coaching day at Woodhall Spa with Alison (Image Credit

Girls have come through the programme from chicks to Junior County Teams and Ladies County teams. We run the Chicks both in the North and South of the County, to give as many girls as possible to get a chance of meeting other girls and having fun. The girls get to play in 9 competitions run by both the LWGA and mixed ones run by the LUGC . They also go onto represent the County in Regional Events in different parts of the Country.

2020 Girls Golf Activity Days

The benefit to Clubs is that the girls get to play in County Chicks and Chicks Tour programme, which gives them a chance to play at other courses and meet other girls of the same age and ability. We have upward of 12 girls per session. Both in the North and South of the county. They also get a little bit of coaching, but at the age and ability Chicks is aimed at Fun is the main thing, and they keep coming back in good numbers.

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