Rain, Rain, Rain!

Sunday 8th Aug Oakmere Park host Rothley Park in Plate Quarter Final. The course looked excellent, the beer looked cold the weather was moist to put it mildly, in fact, it was just Rain, Rain, more Rain, then even more Rain, but both teams decided to carry on and start.

Team sheets were handed over and some gasps from the Oakmere lads as their opponents’ handicaps became known, one chirped up, “just a couple of good players then” nothing to worry about, let’s get out and have us some fun.

The Captain (none playing this game, using the football terminology squad rotation) decided his best place out of the still continuing rain was the comfort of the clubhouse, so watching from a window he saw his troops trudge to the first tee to commence battle.

Each match teed off and everyone headed away into the rain. Some time passed, around 3 hours, when our reporter spotted 2 guys walking through the trees toward the clubhouse, had they succumbed to the weather or did we have our first result, both had stern poker faces, no chance of guessing this outcome, a sneaky shout from the door and Oakmere had won 3 & 2, going 1 – 0 up, before the ink was dry, 2 more pairs were seen coming in, Oakmere winning both 4 & 3 and 3 & 2, Oakmere led 3 – 0, short break another pair came in, by now in pleasant sunshine, this was a 2 hole win to Rothley.

Was this going to be the repeat of the Mapperley game, they led 3 – 1 and lost, could lightning strike, and Oakmere loses from this position, then in a rush another win for Oakmere 4 & 3, that was job done Match score so far Oakmere A 4 – 1 Rothley, the final 2 games went 1 to Rothley 2 & 1, and 1 to Oakmere 5 & 4, Match score complete at 5 – 2 to Oakmere A. Credit must go to all 14 players for turning out and finishing the contest through the rain, the greens held up well after the rain all thanks to the course being on sand and draining away quickly, everyone sat down for food and drink and usual friendly banter, everyone had made new friends and all left to travel home to fight another day. Now there is just the matter of the semi-final against Lutterworth A and more dreams.
Alan Hall A Team Captain

Alan Hall - Oakmere A

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