Supporting Outstanding Girls Golf in Lincolnshire

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Previous funding from the Taskers Trophy has enabled us to provide 20 bursaries to aspiring girl golfers of Lincolnshire.

This year, we have seen a significant drop in handicaps from a number of our players and we have seen our girls go on to play in elite-level events such as England Golf’s County Finals Week, R&A Girls Championship, National Queen of Clubs Final, Under 16 International Challenge Match in addition to receiving personal development awards such as the Golf Foundation and England Golf’s Heroes Handshake. As a County, we were also recognised as County of the Year 2021 for outstanding contribution in promoting junior and women’s golf and the Tasker’s Trophy County Funding has certainly supported this achievement.

Providing golf opportunities for girl golfers through the Lincolnshire Women’s Golf Association is vital not only for retaining girls in Lincolnshire but in the sport as a whole. It enables girls from different clubs ( where they can sometimes be few in numbers) to meet one another, play together, socialise and importantly make friendships through golf that will keep girls playing for a lifetime. The opportunities provided not only enable girls to develop their golfing skills, it also gives them the platform to develop their personal skills such as building confidence and team bonding. This provides them with a sense of belonging to our sport and gives them pride in being a Lincolnshire girl golfer.
Our offer is open and available to any Lincolnshire based girl golfer and we provide a platform for girls to integrate that clubs are often unable to fulfil. We have a fantastic thriving community amongst our players, parents and guardians; many of whom have commented on the positive and encouraging culture and support network.

The funding will help us to continuing growing and developing our girls provision and opportunities, retaining our current girls, attracting new girls into our programme and supporting girls to progress on through the player pathway.

The funding will be used to subsidise our Girls Short Game Order of Merit series. In 2021, we had 51 girls who took part in these events and these were very popular among girls of all abilities (from scratch golfers up to those who don’t have a handicap). These sessions are designed to provide an opportunity for girls from around the county to meet one another and make new friends, take part in some Short Game Training and Coaching and put their developed skills into play through the Par 3 Skills Challenges.We are very fortunate to have Woodhall Spa Golf Academy and Performance Centre on our doorstep however this does come at a substantial cost over the season

We will also look to use the remaining funding to support the costs of our County Scratch (1st) team, Handicap (2nd) team and Development Squad training days. We plan to run 6 x training sessions during January-April 2021;

  • 3 x Mental Toughness training sessions for x 16 girls
  • 3 x Squad training sessions focused on areas including: Nutrition; Strength & Conditioning England Golf’s 5 Principles; Effective Practice, Planning and Preparation; Team Bonding and Social Cohesion; Distance Control; Developing Speed; Shot Shaping; Trajectory Control; Yardage Assessment; Shot Selection; Developing a Great Routine; Consistency of Strike. These sessions also act as an opportunity for Team Building and Bonding among our players.

We measure the success of our coaching by:

-Engagement rate of over 80% of girls registered with us.
-Numbers registered with us; – aiming for 100 Lincolnshire girl golfers by the end of 2022 ( Increase by 26%)
-Numbers participating:
Order of Merits = aim for a minimum 50 girls participating (minimum 65% engagement rate from those girls registered)
Squad training sessions = 16 girls to attend
-Other measures will include Fielding a full team regularly, match results, in addition to numbers of girls gaining handicap index and reduction in handicaps (aim for 10 girls to have a handicap index below 12, a further 10 girls with a handicap index below 20. A further 20 girls registered to have obtained a handicap index up to 54).
-Other factors to include regular communication and engagement from the audience via social media, website, e-mail and Whatsapp.

Shaped by our Junior Girls Captain, our overarching aim for girls golf within Lincolnshire is;
To retain, nurture and develop girl golfers of all ages and abilities within a pathway that strives for excellence.

Our objectives are to;
1. Provide a pathway for girls from grassroots through to elite and national level
2. Provide playing, competitive and leadership opportunities at all levels
3. Offer a fun, inclusive and welcoming environment where girl golfers are encouraged to participate and build friendships that last a lifetime
4. Nurture individual talent as part of a team environment
5. Increase the number of girl golfers by improving communication, promotion and engagement

Our Motto also shaped by our Junior Girls Captain is “IMPS”;

Additional activity and successes can be found through our website and Facebook page:
Website –
Facebook – Lincolnshire Women’s Golf Association

Cindy Ireland - Treasurer Lincolnshire Womens Golf Association

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