The Pink Ladies Start the Journey to Defend Title

So having won the Ian Burtoft Trophy last year – we were extremely nervous to start the defence of our title.  How embarrassing would it be to take an early bath?  Enter Penn Golf Club who were new to the competition and a welcome addition as are all the clubs who have entered for the first time.  The Pink Ladies visited Penn in March and witnessed a 3 – 4 first round on a very wet but sunny day and as ever hospitality and friendship was high on the agenda.

Eager to welcome Penn back to Little Aston today we were pleased to receive the girls from Penn on a beautiful day and at a time when our course is just wakening up to spring golf.  With a win for LAGC, phew, my lasting memories will be the smiles of everyone coming in off the course having had a lovely day playing golf whether you won or lost your match.  Golfers are so blessed!

Jilly Cosgrove - Little Aston

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