Access to top-quality coaching for Nottinghamshire Girls

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With this funding, from the Taskers Trophy, all girls in Nottinghamshire are able to access top-quality coaching. Your funding gives opportunity to girls of any background to play and to meet others with an interest in golf. We will be able to provide extensive coaching from our Professional Richard Strange throughout the winter and into the new season.

The funding will benefit the girls by supporting and expanding the County Junior programme.
Group coaching will be provided monthly and occasional full day on course coaching at weekends.
The coaching course covers course management, putting, swing analysis, long and short game, chipping and bunker play.

The majority of the theoretical coaching will be executed throughout the winter months.
Early spring will see on course development of rules, match play and foursomes formats.
Summer will be stroke development on the range and course.

This funding is specifically for development of U14 girls and not elite golfers. This leaves a gap in our coaching ideals. We run scratch and handicap teams who need specialised coaching if they are to achieve their golfing potential.
Richard Strange our Professional delivers the coaching to our girls.

We measure our success by

  • Reduction in handicaps.
  • Continued success in Inter-County matches. Both scratch and handicap.
  • A better understanding of the mental attitude needed for success.
  • Girls having more confidence and the ability to enjoy the game of golf.
  • A happy and supportive group of girls.
  • To be more comfortable and confident in delivering after-golf speeches.

From previous years Taskers Trophy Funding:

  • The elite players have no funding from EG so yours is essential for those players.
  • We have again won the Midland North Regional scratch league competition and the handicap team have also improved their placing in this event.
  • The girls worked hard to achieve a reduction in handicaps.
  • They were able to socialise with their peers after matches.
  • They have a better understanding of match play.

Susie Taylor - NCLGA County Junior Coordinator

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