Support really does make a difference in Yorkshire

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Using the previous year’s funding from the Taskers Trophy, we increased our centres to 5 for our grassroots ‘Beginners Young’ this has seen an improvement in attendance due to great accessibility and less travel. We have provided a new progress booklet for the girls this has assisted with the monitoring of their performance and kept them on track to achieving their goals set by coaches. The introduction of our new Foursomes event has meant a greater experience for the girls and an ability to play a much-improved game in a different format.

We have been able to introduce more local facilities and coaching to reduce travel time for the parents. This has encouraged greater participation in our scheduled events held across the County. We can now reach more clubs that often feel isolated and they are now actively involving & nominating more Junior girls. We had increased participation in our beginner’s Young scheme across the County. The production of a progress booklet is a great benefit for the players to go home with and use to fulfil more practice on a variety of skills. Our Foursomes competition was a great success and has given a greater understanding of this format to the girls to use in County fixtures

Now we have reached five centres for our beginners Young we want to use the funding to produce North & South Coaching hubs for our promising young groups and intermediate groups. We can either fund the cost of travel for Coaches to other venues to make the journey easier for the girls. We also want to use this to continue with our junior Foursomes competitions for a second year as this is increasing the players awareness of working as a team.

Introduction of North & South Coaching Hubs for Promising Young & Intermediate groups KPI- better attendance at training and accessibility for girls across the County. Smaller groups for coaches to manage means increased 1 to 1 time
Junior Foursomes regional competition- KPI- increased attendance and better understanding of format. Team cohesion. Improvement in County team results

We have made our usual funding application to England Golf for U14 grant and are awaiting its receipt this is 40% of the costs of our programme. We are always well short of the costs a small portion of the costs come from the players contribution. We have again secured sponsorship for prizes for the Foursomes event which would approx. cover 40% of the costs of running the event.

This supports our county development objectives of:

  • To provide accessible facilities and increase the centres across Yorkshire to provide quality coaching across the County which will encourage more girls into the sport.
  • To encourage Women in Golf charter.
  • To increase centres across the County to reduce travel for the girls.

We thank the supporters of Taskers for their continued support and this really does make a difference

Karen Fellows - Yorkshire County Junior Girls

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