Warwickshire aims to offer to coach every girl

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With the funding from the Taskers Trophy, our aim is to be able to offer coaching to every girl in Warwickshire whether or not they are new to golf or are already part of our Junior team and Taskers Trophy funding support helps us to provide a variety of opportunities for the girls to come together for coaching, competitions and both league and friendly matches.

We are currently in the process of contacting all our clubs to ascertain that there are no girls in Warwickshire unknown to us.. If there are, we will then ensure that the girls are all aware of the activities we provide for Junior girls throughout the year. These include Stableford competitions for all levels of golfers whether or not they have a handicap as long as they are a member of a club or Golf Academy.

This will help identify girls who might otherwise remain unknown. We can then invite them to participate in our taster coaching sessions and perhaps join the organised coaching programme Our aim is to create the opportunity for the player to learn and the coaches to teach. We can also invite them to play in our Stableford competitions as we run 18 hole and 9 hole competitions for girls with a handicap as well as 9 hole, 6 hole or 3 hole competitions (depending on ability ) for girls without a handicap.

Early in the new year, we plan to have an Open day when we will invite the girls and their parents along. We also plan to invite the coaches who teach our current groups. This will be a fun day with games involving golf-like activities and perhaps light refreshments if funds allow.

Our annual funding is very dependent on the goodwill of the ladies in Warwickshire who enter our various ball sweeps which are run for the benefit of the girls funds. We are also very fortunate that we receive donations which are raised throughout the year at various events by the ladies’ sections of golf clubs. This funding will enable us to provide balls when the girls are playing in matches and also prizes at their competitions.

Success will be measured by –

The number of girls who attend
The number of parents involved
The amount of interest shown in further events including coaching sessions and competitions
The number who have already joined clubs or are planning to
The ability and interest of the girls taking part

Our aim is always to use the money wisely to provide opportunities that benefit the girls, and it helps to provide development of the game and playing opportunities for all our girls in a safe and fun environment
Therefore our teams become better players and all the youngsters make friendships which will hopefully last throughout their golfing years.

Valerie Stene - Treasurer, Warwickshire County Girls - Warwickshire Ladies County Golf Association

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