True Spirit of Golf

Chesterfield E 4 ½ - 2 ½ Oakmere Park B

I ordered a bucket of sunshine and the Gods of Golf delivered.we welcomed Oakmere Park B team to Chesterfield GC in the blazing Sun, the match was played in the true Spirit of Golf , a competitive but friendly vibe from the start. Most of Oakmere players had not played chesterfield before and that was a big disadvantage and allowed chesterfield E team to win the match .all the players got on well together, with my team stating afterwards what a great team of players they were from Oakmere . We are now looking forward to the next round . As captain I offer the team incentives the first round they received Easter eggs, today each member of the team received a bottle of red wine for their win I’m racking my brain what to buy them to win the next round.

Alan Taylor - Chesterfield E Team ,short for Elite lol

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