What a win!

Sherwood Forest A 1 ½ - 5 ½ Spalding B

On a very cold, windy and drizzly day, Spalding B visited Sherwood Forest Golf Club. A fine heathland golf club. Captain Claire was 2nd in the draw having a very tough match against Andrea Stockdale -up 4 after nine and then nip and tuck all the way home – winning 2up after 17. Liz Holbrook won her match on 18 – so Spalding were 2up, then Sarah Gibson won on 17 – Spalding now 3up – just needed 1 more win! The next match was Ronnie Thorogood from Spading v Jan Calder Sherwood Forest. Ron sunk her putt on 18 to take the away team to 4-0. The next match was taken by Claire McIlroy giving Spalding a 5-0 score. Final result 5.5 Spalding – 1.5 Sherwood Forest – what a fantastic result for Spalding.

Claire Rylott - Spalding B

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