Hallamshire’s winning Taskers Trophy year

Another great competitive and enjoyable Taskers year for our two Hallamshire Teams.  Both teams really enjoyed this year’s journey, experience and camaraderie provided during each round. Both teams faired very well!

Having competed in the Plate final in 2022, we had a good idea of what to expect in the final. Again, the day was organised perfectly by Blair, Mike and the team. From teams gathering and chatting while enjoying a coffee, being brought together for team photos, and preparing to go and play, through to the lovely evening meal and presentations.

There were the usual nerves on the first tee, after being called up to play by the announcer, and the claps from the watching competitors and spectators when managing to hit the ball with some part of the club face, even if it wasn’t the middle. 

Despite some strength to the wind that we had, the weather did its part by staying dry for the most part and not getting us too wet, allowing us to play our golf on a lovely course we’re beginning to enjoy. 

It was also very nice for a number of us to have an interesting chat with Mike Crawford, discussing the history related to the Taskers company, the sponsorship of the tournament and other aspects related to junior golf and golfers.

The work that goes into operating this tournament and the finals day, is plain to see, and we commend both Mike and Blair for their commitment, passion, and dedication to everything they do.  We’re all very proud to compete in and be associated with this great competition, with Taskers, Mike and Blair, knowing that we’re all contributing in some way to junior golf in all these regions. 

Thank you so much for doing what you do, it is very much appreciated.

Neil Hessell - Hallamshire

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