Promising Young Coaching for Yorkshire Girls

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With the help of Taskers Funding last year we targeted our grass roots players and increased the Beginners Young centres which provide starter courses which in turn feed into our main programme. These were successfully attended in all areas. We were able to provide coaching booklets for these groups and this meant the girls could go away after training and work on different aspects of the game reporting back via the booklets. Our Foursomes competition is now established in our programme and over 30 girls attended this competition. Without Taskers funding some activities may not have occurred so we are extremely grateful.

As Yorkshire is such a large County we feel the need to spread our coaching around the County. In the last season we were able to set up new coaching venues which the the funding helps us to provide in both North & South. As cost of fuel escalates having to travel a long way can be off putting for girls just beginning the pathway with Yorkshire.. So for our coaching at Promising Young level and Intermediate levels we can help saving the girls time spent travelling to venues.

Venues often have to charge us for our coaching and as with all things these days prices are going up and up. We are able to offer Promising Young Coaching in both Hickleton (South hub) & Malton & Norton (North hub) and our coaches travel in between the two. Also out Intermediates have coaching at Waterton Park(South Hub) and Malton & Norton (North hub). Its important to our coaching that we use venues with good indoor facilities particular as our coaching is Autumn/Winter/Spring when weather can be a factor this saves cancellations and ensures our coaching goes ahead.

KPI- the number of girls able to attend and develop their skills significantly over the winter period needs to be maintained so that the coaching has effect. In the past this factor had been a problem and as costs of travel escalate it continues to be so even more. We must try to reduce the travel and therefore the cost escalating for the parents.
Success indicators would be measured by the attendance record of all girls in the programme as if a training session is missed the girl will have difficulty in keeping up

County Objective’s this funding will support is to provide accessible facilities for U14 year olds and top class coaching to new players encouraging more girls into the sport of golf. To encourage Women in Golf charter- increasing the centres across the County which will reduce travel for the beginners.

Karen Fellows - YLCGA County Junior Organiser

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