Supporting Growth in Leicestershire & Rutland

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We deem ourselves to be a successful County and simply could not provide the continued growth without your support from the Taskers Trophy Inter-Club.

Our numbers have grown over the years with your support. The skill levels are constantly improving and our ability to populate our regional teams has become so much better. The competition for places is a healthy sign of our growth. More girls have had access to golf. More girls are receiving support in their new golf journey. More girls are enjoying the friendships, fun and healthy activity golf provides.

As always this funding is crucial in helping us provide coaching & playing opportunities for all girls in the County irrespective of their age or skill level. Our free coaching in Particular makes the chance to learn golf accessible to all. The funding has also been used to fund some activities in the new Foxes Junior Pathway Tour which provides playing opportunities to boys & girls at all skill levels to compete and have fun at 5 different locations throughout the County. Over 70 youngsters play in each of the 5 events. And it is still growing.

With the help of Taskers Trophy funds we provide free coaching for all girls. We grow our own talent pool so coaching is available to grass roots players and up to our elite squads. We have also invested some of the money into producing Sail banners for our newly launched Foxes Junior Pathway Tour. Which is open to boys & girls of all skill levels across the County. Bringing boys & girls together in these events has been important in golf being recognised as a family sport. There are events are for all skill levels and provides a Pathway for development.

We have seen an increase in numbers of girls & boy’s participation in golf.Success is monitored by recruitment & retention numbers, handicap improvement and overall success of the County teams. There are more girls achieving handicaps of 20 and below and the next generation are moving through from non- handicap to 9 hole handicap events. The Foxes Pathway is proving successful and hugely appreciates your ongoing support.

This all supports our development objectives and supporting around 200 junior golfers of all levels.

  • Access for all irrespective of background, ability or skill set.
  • Grow the game especially for girls – girls & women are underrepresented in this sport, and growth will increase the “family friendly “ environment needed to compete alongside other key sports.
  • Help girls be the best they can be – whether they aspire to be social or elite golfers.
  • HAVE FUN & MAKE FRIENDS – if you enjoy it, you will stay with it! Many girls make friends for life!

Anita Higginson - County Junior Organiser - Leicestershire & Rutland Ladies County Golf Association

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  1. Patricia Formoy

    A winning combination of much needed support from the Taskers Trophy and the tireless efforts of the organisers around the county who so generously give their time and hard work. Both hugely appreciated.

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