2024 Draws Published

The Taskers Trophy Inter-Club committee has now published the draws for the 2024 Taskers Trophy Men’s Inter-Club and the Taskers Trophy Women’s Inter-Club competing for the Ian Burtoft Trophy. 

All team captains have been emailed details on Saturday 10th of Feb with details including instructions on how log in to access to the directory and to submit results.

We encourage all team captains and players to ensure they are familiar with the rules for their respective competition

The competition rules set out:

  • How to arrange matches ‘the home club must offer a minimum of 3 dates, one of which must be a weekend.’
  • Playing conditions for matches- ensuring the first match played is to a definitive result
  • The responsibility of both team captains to ensure a result is submitted within 3 days of playing a match

We have more information in our Help Section which provides guidance on rules, including the ruling on resolving ties in Round 1 Matches in the Women’s Inter-Club – so it’s worth heading over and having a look before your match.

Last Days of Play

  • Please check the draw and log in to My Matches to check all last days of play

My Matches

Is the place to go for Team Captains to view all your matches for all teams from your club. Links to the directory for teams and actions to submit results. You can also update your own directory listing when logged in. 

Submitting Results

Remember both team captains are responsible for ensuring the result has been submitted, to aid in gathering the required details please download, print and take to your game a ‘Match Score Card‘ from the Draw and Results page. Results must be submitted online within 3 days of playing your match.

Next Steps

  • View the Draw
  • Make contact with your opponents
  • Arrange match date
  • Get your team ready to play
  • Enjoy your First Round match

The organising committee wishes all teams great success in their matches if you require any further information please check the FAQ sections or contact us and we will be happy to help.

Thank you again for entering the Taskers Trophy Inter-Club and supporting junior golf in your county.

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