Get Ready to play: Match Score Card

Results from your matches must be submitted online by the team captain logging into ‘My Matches’ as soon as possible after your match, the rules state a match result must be submitted within 3 days of playing your match

When submitting a result we need to collect the home & away players’ names their Handicap Index and Course Handicap to ensure compliance with the competition rules.

Both team captains are responsible for collecting this information and ensuring a result is submitted online. Both team captains are responsible, but the result only needs to be submitted once online by logging into ’My Matches’

To help with this we have an optional download and print ‘Match Score Card’ which will help you collect all the information your need to submit the full result after your match. This card does not need to be used or handed to the committee as the official result is the one submitted online – don’t forget our website works on smartphones as well!

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