Can I use any other player in my team?

Irrespective of the names initially supplied on entry forms, a club’s team can bring in a new player at any time in the duration of the competition in any given year provided:

(a) that the player holds a bonafide handicap at the said club and meets the terms of Rule 1.
(b) that the player is not part of an active team in the competition.

(c) that the player has not played for any other club in the competition if he is a member of two clubs in the progress of the competition in that year.


Kedleston Park enter 2 teams A & B;

Both teams are in Round 3 of the competition, which has the last day of play of the 30th of the month;

The A team plays on the 10th and is knocked-out; the B Team are due to play on the 16th; players from the A team are not permitted to play for the B team in Round 3, as the A team is still active until midnight on the 30th of the month;

The B Team wins and is in Round 4; the knocked-out A team players are only eligible to play for the B Team for Round 4 onwards