Recording individual matches as a half / draw

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Rules : So that a definite result of a match can be obtained, every game must be played to a finish, i.e. if a game is all square after the 18th hole, the game is concluded by a sudden-death play-off.

With the agreement of both Captains, matches may be recorded as a draw if the team result is in no doubt.

Note for Round 1 of the Women’s Inter-Club: – For the first of the 2 matches played the overall team result will be in ‘doubt’, individual games shouldn’t be recorded as a half for the first matches. If on the final game of the 2, a match could be recorded as a half, if the overall result (A+B – First plus Second) is not in doubt. If after the 2nd match you need to instigate the 3 hole playoff, all results should be definitive (ie no halves)