Email login links

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This is the easiest way to log in there is no need to remember long and complex passwords

  1. Enter your email address
  2. Check your email
  3. Select the link in your inbox, you can only use this once. You may want to copy the link into your browser if you have issues.
  4. You’re logged in!
  5. You can now delete the email in you inbox

If you don’t like using the links you can still log in with your email and a password however you need to set your password first before doing this

Troubleshooting #

The link is invalid #

Please request a new link. A link is only valid for 15mins and can only be clicked once before it expires

The link in my email doesn’t open in my browser #

Please copy and past the link from your email into your preferred browser

I haven’t received an email with a link #

Links can only be sent to registered Team Captains.

If you are a team captain please check your spam or promotions folder for the link alternatively use log in with password.