Submit a match result

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Team Captains will log in to the website and to ’My Matches’ and follow the ’submit results’ link.

You will need to have the home and away players names and handicaps as well as the match result.

The result only needs to be submitted once online, it can be done by either team captain, but it is the responsibility of both team captains to ensure the result is submitted within 3 days after the match was played. #

Results will not be accepted by any other means; email or contact forms, for example. The result must be submitted by team captains logging in and completing the official match results form.

Quick Guide #

Step 1 #

Log in to My Matches

Step 2 #

View the matches which are awaiting a result and select ‘Submit Result:

If the match isn’t shown in ‘awaiting result’ check below for matches where the result is known. This means there is no action to take as the result for the match has already been successfully submitted

Step 3 #

Complete the match results form, entering the date of the match and the result

If the match was conceded please set ‘Conceded Match’ to yes to record the result.

Press Continue

Step 4 #

Enter the players’ details for both home & away teams, including their Handicap Index and the Course Handicap they played their match from

If you make an error you can select the cross at the side of the players’ name and then select add player for a new line

Press Submit Result.

Within 5mins – 1 hour the result will show on the website draw & results and on My Matches.

If you made an error in the submission of the result please contact us.

The result has already been submitted by the other team captain do I need to do anything? #

Both team captains are responsible for collecting this information and ensuring a result is submitted online. Both team captains are responsible, but the result only needs to be submitted once online by logging into ’My Matches’