How is the Draw made?

  • All the entered teams are divided into a zone; a zone may overlap geographically with another, and clubs may have teams in multiple zones.
  • Within each zone a random draw decides the match, with teams being drawn into the home or away cateogrations of the match.
  • Where possible we avoid a Club playing another team from that club in round 1 and round 2 if feisable.
  • The draw follows a predetirmed path and is drawn only at the start of the competition. This allows play to commence in the following rounds as soon as opponents are known.

Only before 2013 and in 2021, due to possibly Covid-19 restrictions, did we have very tight geographic boundaries for zones and optimised distances between clubs for Round 1 matches.

We have now returned to our ‘2014’ approach for zoning in the early rounds this allows us to ensure a different mix of teams in each zone, allowing clubs to possibly play new courses and meet new opponents in a wider geographical setting.