Course does not have all 18 holes open

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In the spirit of resolving the outcome of the draw with a match being played and in the spirit of the competition rules the Team Captains have the following options

Matches to be played in singles match play over 18 holes.

Rule 6

The first thing to do, if possible #

1. Rearrange the match to be played on another date before the last day of play.

2. Arrange for the match to be undertaken on the oppositions course.

This is set out in the following 2 rules:

In the event of both Captains deciding that the weather or course condition are impossible to play, the match shall be re-arranged so that it can be played no later than the last day of play for that round.

Rule 5.a

a. If any Club at home cannot offer reasonable facilities for a match on their course, they must agree for the match to be played on their opponent’s course, by the last day of play.

Rule 3.a

If this is not possible, having fully explored all the above options #

Play must still take place over 18 holes; this could be achieved by;

  1. If either course has the front 9 or back 9 holes fully open; play those 9 holes twice; this satisfies the competition rule of play taking place over 18 holes.
  2. If there is not a clear front or back 9 open; an agreed combination of holes can be played, providing 18 holes are played in the match.

What about stoke allocation in these situations? #

In this situation, Team Captains are to agree with players individually on the fair allocation of strokes given in this situation and the holes that are made up to form 18 holes of play.

In the case of using the same 9 holes, it will be easier to see the allocation; for example, if a player gets 9 shots, 5 could be allocated to the first 9 holes played and 4 to the last 9 holes played.

What about agreeing in advance to half or concede unplayable holes?

This is not permitted under the Rules of Golf as the purpose is shortening the match as the rules state play must be over 18 holes

RoG 3.2 Conceding a Hole. This is allowed any time before the hole is completed (see Rule 6.5), including before the players start the hole. A player and opponent are not allowed to agree to concede holes to each other for the purpose of shortening the match. If they do so knowing this is not allowed, they are disqualified

What about extending the last day of play?

See guidance here on this topic to see if your situation could qualify for a maximum 3-day extension.