The home team captain hasn’t been in contact

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The competition rules have 2 key rules around arranging matches, one is the home club is responsible for organising by proposing a date, and the other the minimum dates that can be offered are 3 dates where one of which must be a weekend.  #

So the key responsibilities are clear, however that doesn’t stop the away team making contact with the home team beforehand with a friendly hello, the team contact details are available to all team captains on ’My Matches’ which includes, email and telephone so getting in touch shouldn’t be an issue. However, if in the unlikely event you are having difficulties getting in touch, contact us and we’ll try to help, we also have contact details of the club contacts and secretaries. 

Email is a really useful way to keep track of decisions and agreements, if you’ve had a call and verbally offered dates of play, or agreed on the date, following up with an email to confirm makes sure everyone is aware and if any mistakes they are easy to spot then rectify. There’s nothing worse than turning up late or worse the whole team turning up on a wrong day!