The weather is really bad can we extend our last day of play?

Extensions of up to a maximum of 3 days can be granted by the committee in the event of continued extreme weather, with evidence of best efforts to play the match when applying you will have to answer ‘yes’ to all the following with clear evidence… (Rule 5.c)

  • Is the application made no less than 3 days before the last day of play?
  • Have the team captains arranged to play the match more than 3 times, having invoked rule 5.a  (agreed and accepted dates, not proposed dates)?
  • Have the team captains arranged the match to be played at the away course?
  • Have both (home and away) courses been closed for over 5 consecutive days, during the period of allowed play, because of extreme weather conditions?
  • Are the extreme weather conditions forecast to impact course (home and away) availability up to the ‘last day of play’?

If you cannot answer ‘yes’ to all these questions take the ‘no’ answers and use them as guidance to seek a date or location for the match.

Extensions to the last day of play will not be granted on the grounds of player and team captain availability; Rule 2.b.i includes the allowance for reserve players and Rule 2.c allows any member meeting Rule 2 eligibility criteria to play for the team. 

Applications are to be made to the competition secretary