Membership status of players in my team

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Any membership status can play providing your club has arrangements in place to allow non 7-day members to play at a weekend if required.

When your club is drawn to play at home, they must offer a weekend date to their opponents in which a home team will be fully represented.

“…the home club must offer 3 dates, one of which must be a weekend…”

If the weekend date is chosen by the away team, a full team should be available to play.

Any course green fees for none 7-day members is an issue for the club and outside the reach of the competition organising committee, in addition to rule 3 which states:

“In all rounds (including the Final) it is the prerogative of the host club to provide or decline courtesy of the course prior to the day of the event. Participation does not give an automatic right for courtesy rounds sanctioned by the organisers.”

Likewise, when playing away and a weekend date is offered, it cannot be dismissed solely on the basis that members of the away team are 5-day members and ‘cannot play weekends due to their membership status’

Should this happen and cannot be resolved between both parties; both teams involved should inform the organising committee, with evidence of the breach of rule 1, with evidence of attempts to resolve.

If any of these rules are breached the team will be disqualified from the competition with immediate effect.