Considerations for proposing and accepting match dates

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Remember when proposing dates and agreeing dates to think about some “what if’s” and could you mitigate against them?; 

  • What if the weather is bad, is there enough time after this date to rearrange and play the match before the last day of play? 
  • What if we need to go to sudden death (or playoff in the Women’s Inter-Club in round 1), will there be enough daylight to conclude the match on that day if we tee off at that time? 
  • What if some of my core team of 7 players cannot make the date, have I got a list of reserves or alternative players who meet the competition eligibility criteria, so I can still form a full team? Or am I going to have to concede a game in the match due to a shortage of team member(s)

The committee has no direct guidance on these matters but we expect team captains to take this as their responsibility, under rule 3, when arranging a match.