Players from losing teams are allowed to join another team

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Rule 2.b still stands, players can only represent one club in the competition. This rule should be read in context of all other rules and conditions of entry.

Since 2015 the committee resolved to implement this rule following the feedback provided by team captains in the 2014 competition and a small number of cases where teams had to concede games in matches due to a shortage of players; This rule allows players who support the competition to be available for selection by other teams from their club in the next round, if their original team has been knocked out. This allows clubs to maximise their entry and support junior golf and also had seen a significant reduction in the number of conceded matches in later rounds of the competition since being introduced.

Our historic player records also show teams tend to stick with a core team, as they are usually winning players, and only occasionally use players from a team which has been knocked out in a previous round.

The rule also states that teams remain active until midnight on the last day of play they have been knocked out of, or when all teams from that club have concluded their matches for the round;

2c. In the event of more than one team entering from the same Club, players cannot be interchanged with other teams which are Active within the competition; players from inactive teams are available for selection by active teams. 

A team is Active until midnight on ‘the last of play’ of the round, from which the team has been knocked-out or while all the teams from the club have still to conclude their matches in the round; only after this point a knocked-out team is regarded as inactive. 

Example of use:

Beeston Fields enter 2 teams A & B;

All teams are in Round 3 of the competition, which has the last day of play of the 30th of the month;

The A team plays on the 10th and is knocked-out; the B Team are due to play on the 13th; players from the A team are not permitted to play for the B team in Round 3, as both teams are still to conclude their round 3 march and the B team is still active.

The B Team wins and is in Round 4; the knocked-out A team players are only eligible to play for the B Team for Round 4 onwards