In 2018 99.5 % of entry fees have been donated to junior golf from the teams entering the Taskers Trophy Inter-Club and the Ladies Inter-Club, for the Ian Burtoft Trophy.

The contribution to junior golf over the last eleven years has raised over circa £150,000 for Junior Golf in and around the Midlands area. Thanks to all the teams participating in the competition over the years. Monies raised have supported Junior Golf in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire, South Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Lancashire and Leicestershire & Rutland.

Each county receiving a proportion of the funds is asked to provide reports and outline plans of how they are using the funding presented from team’s entry fees; below is the latest reports for each participating county.

The committee donate proceeds from the Taskers Trophy competition directly to the County Unions; and from the Ladies Taskers Trophy to Ladies Associations Junior Golf proportional to the number of teams entered in the competition from their county. The presentation of funds takes place annually at the final of the competition.