Following the online submission of a match result, within 5 / 10 minutes of submission, your team will show in the following rounds draw sheet online. Therefore it is important that results are submitted online ASAP after the match. Please note teams & results are subject to change following official verification.

Irrespective of the names initially supplied on entry forms, a club’s team can bring in a new player at any time in the duration of the competition in any given year provided:

(a) that the player holds a bone fide handicap at said club, and meets the terms of Rule 1.
(b) that the player is not part of an active team in the competition.

(c) that the player has not played for any other club in the competition if he is a member of two clubs in the progress of the competition in that year.


Kedleston Park enter 2 teams A & B;

Both teams are in Round 3 of the competition, which has the last day of play of the 30th of the month;

The A team plays on the 10th and is knocked-out; the B Team are due to play on the 16th; players from the A team are not permitted to play for the B team in Round 3, as the A team is still active until midnight on the 30th of the month;

The B Team wins and is in Round 4; the knocked-out A team players are only eligible to play for the B Team for Round 4 onwards

Extensions of up to maximum of 3 days can be granted by the committee in the event of continued extreme weather, with evidence of best efforts to play the match when applying you will have to answer ‘yes’ to all the following with clear evidence… (Rule 5.c)

Is the application made no less than 3 days before the last day of play?

Have the team captains arranged to play the match more than 3 times, having invoked rule 5.a  (agreed and accepted dates, not proposed dates)?

Have the team captains arranged the match to be played at the away course?

Has both (home and away) courses been closed for over 5 consecutive days, during the period of allowed play, because of extreme weather conditions?

Are the extreme weather conditions forecast to impact course (home and away) availability up to the ‘last day of play’?

Extensions to the last day of play will not be granted on the grounds of player and team captain availability; Rule 2.b.i includes the allowance for reserve players and Rule 2.c allows any male member meeting Rule 2 eligibility criteria to play for the team. 

Applications are to be made to the competition secretary 

It is usual, but not compulsory, for the home team to offer a meal at shared expense. Please ensure you take with you appropriate attire. (See Rule 3.c)

Yes – There are no rules restricting the use of buggies or similar vehicles. However if local rules restrict their use, local rules still apply apply (Rule 9)

The use of GPS systems that measure only distance are allowed in the competition, permitting the use of such devise is allowed within the Local Rules of the course of play. The use of a GPS devise that measures other factors, such as gradient, wind speed or temperature, are NOT permitted under the Rules of Golf.

Any membership status can play providing your club has arrangements in place to allow non 7 day members to play at a weekend if required.

When your club is drawn to play at home, they must offer a weekend date to their opponents in which a home team will be fully represented.

“…the home club must offer 3 dates, one of which must be a weekend…”

If the weekend date is chosen by the away team, a full team should be available to play.

Any course green fees for non 7 day members is an issue for the club and outside the reach of the competition organising committee, in addition to rule 3 which states:

“In all rounds (including the Final) it is the prerogative of the host club to provide or decline courtesy of the course prior to the day of the event. Participation does not give an automatic right for courtesy rounds sanctioned by the organisers.”

Likewise, when playing away and a weekend date is offered, it cannot be dismissed solely on the basis that members of the away team are 5 day members and ‘cannot play weekends due to their membership status’

Should this happen and cannot be resolved between both parties; both teams involved should inform the organising committee, with evidence of the breach of rule 1, with evidence of attempts to resolve.

If any of these rules are breached the team will be disqualified from the competition with immediate effect.

If you are a team captain you can log in and update your profile and contact details. Head to the directory, search for your team, and edit your profile

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