Competition Overview & Purpose

These rules are for the Gentlemen’s competition, different rules apply for the Ladies Competition

The ‘Inter-Club Knockout Golf Competition for the Over Fifties’ competition is sponsored by Taskers UK Ltd and administered by an organising committee.

The winning club shall hold for one year, the Taskers Trophy. A concurrent-continuing competition for the Taskers Plate will be held for those teams knocked out in the first round. Suitable mementoes will be presented to all team members involved in the final. All rules below apply to both competitions.

The proceeds from the competitions will be distributed to the County Unions represented for the development of Junior Golf.

Entry closes on 31st January on the year of play and as soon as possible after this date, the Captains of the teams will be advised as to the result of the draw. The first round is to be played from March to early April.

The finals will be played and hosted at a neutral venue. This is usually a Sunday in late September to mid October dependent upon venue availability

Competition Rules




1. Clubs entering teams agree to terms of entry

a. Invited affiliated Clubs to enter members, to form teams of seven MALE players.

b. Each team should appoint a Team Captain, who will be responsible for arranging the fixtures with the other clubs in accordance with the draw, during the course of the competition.

c. Up to 8 teams may enter from each Club. In this event, each team should be designated A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H on the entry form.

d. An entrance fee of £55.00 (payable on entry to Taskers Trophy Inter-Club) must be paid in respect of each team entering the competition.

e. Clubs and team captains agree to share team captain contact details with other team captains in the competition.

Only eligible male players are permitted to compete in teams entered by clubs

a. All players in the competition must:

i. be not less than 50 years of age on 1st January 2022

ii. have a recognised Club handicap

iii. be available to play on any day facilitating matches to be played Home or Away.

b. No one player shall represent more than one Club in the competition.

c. In the event of more than one team entering from the same Club, players cannot be interchanged with other teams which are Active within the competition; players from inactive teams are available for selection by active teams. More Info

i. A team is Active until midnight on ‘the last of play’ of the round, from which the team has been knocked-out or  while all the teams from the club have still to conclude their matches in the round; only after this point a knocked-out team is regarded as inactive. 

ii. Should a player be a nominated reserve for, but not play for a team, he is available for selection for another team from that club.

d. Any male members, meeting the eligibility, are able to play for a team in the competition.

3. The Club drawn at home is responsible for arranging the match to be played by the ‘the last day of play’. The home club must offer a minimum of 3 dates, one of which must be a weekend.

a. If any Club at home cannot offer reasonable facilities for a match on their course, they must agree for the match to be played on their opponent’s course, by the last day of play.

b. At the semi-final stage the matches shall be played on a neutral venue to be advised. This is typically another club still in the competition.

c. It should be recognised that clubs taking part in the competition do not necessarily provide a free meal for the visiting teams. Accordingly, when it is agreed between respective Captains that there is to be a meal after the match, it may be on the basis that players pay for themselves.

d. In all rounds (including the Final) it is the prerogative of the host club to provide or decline courtesy of the course prior to the day of the event. Participation does not give an automatic right for courtesy rounds sanctioned by the organisers.

4. All matches must have been played by midnight on ‘the last day of play’. The date will be published with the draw.

a. If the match has not been completed by the last day of play, the team captains are to resolve a result by other means.

5. Poor conditions impacting the play of a match

a. In the event of both Captains deciding that the weather or course condition are impossible to play, the match shall be re-arranged so that it can be played no later than the last day of play for that round.

b. In the event of seven or more of temporary greens over 18 holes being in use, the visiting captain may ask for a postponement of the match, and ask for the match to be rearranged to be played by the last day of play.

c. In the event of continued extreme weather, with evidence of best efforts to play the match, team captains can apply to the committee for an extension to the last day of play, with a maximum addition of 3 days, for their match. Applications should be received at least 3 days before the last day of play.

6. Matches to be played in singles match play over 18 holes.

a. Play to be off handicap index up to 20which is the highest handicap index to be used in the competition.

b. Full difference in Course Handicaps to be taken.

c. Teams losing their first round match continue into Round 2 competiting for the Taskers Plate.

7. So that a definite result of a match can be obtained, every game must be played to a finish, i.e. if a game is all-square after the 18th hole, the game is concluded by a sudden death play-off. With agreement of both Captains, matches may be recorded as a draw if the team result is in no doubt.

8. Before the commencement of the match the Captains shall present to each other and agree their team playing order list. This need NOT necessarily be in handicap order. Should there be disagreement in the order of play, the Captains shall list their own players in playing order and simultaneously present that list to each other. That will then be the team playing order.

9. Matches shall be played in accordance with the Rules of Golf and the local rules of the Club on whose course the matches are played.

a.  Players are permitted to use caddies, buggies and trollies, permitting their use is allowed within the Local Rules of the course of play.

10. It is the responsibility of BOTH team captains to ensure a full result is submitted, on the website using the advised process, within 3 days after the match has been played. Failure to submit a result will result in the disqualification of BOTH teams.

11. In the event of any dispute, the decision of the Committee, whose names are given below, shall be final.

12. The Winners of the Trophy and Plate should return them to the Competition Secretary by 31st December of that year for safekeeping and engraving.

13. Clubs, Teams & Players must follow all Government & England Golf guidance in relation to Covid-19 in place at the time of play.

a. Team Captains are responsible for ensuring their team members follow all Government and England Golf Guidance in place at the time of playing their match. Failure to do so will result in disqualification from the competition. 

14. The committee reserve the right to alter these rules, last dates of play and format of the competition in response to changes to Covid-19 guidance. Notice will be provided via email and the rule appended as a subsection below:

 No alteration planned at this point in time


M.J.Crawford (Mike)         Sponsor Taskers UK Ltd, Sheffield  & Past Captain Breadsall Priory

B. Crawford (Blair)              Secretary, Past Junior Secretary & Past Junior Captain Breadsall Priory

R. Caple (Bob)                  Committee Member, Derby  & Past Captain Breadsall Priory