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As we get ready to return to playing golf and the Taskers Trophy Inter-Club matches we all know there have been important changes to the Handicap System.

When playing your matches you will need to calculate the course handicap and the playing handicap for match play.

The easiest way to do this is with the ‘My EG’ App – we recommend all players in your teams download and login in advance of your game so you can easily do the handicap calculations required for their games.

The England Golf WHS app will help make handicap calculations easy. Remember when submitting the result Team Captains need to submit both the Handicap Index and Course Handicap of each player.

We recommend you take a Match Score Card with you to your match to record all the details

Find out more about handicaps for 2021 competitions


  • Can the away team have a courtesy shot?

    No, the rules do not permit courtesy shots in any Round. This changed given the introduction of the World Handicap System.

  • How do we use the new WHS Handicaps in the competitions?

    For 2021 we will use the Handicap Index for players so they can calculate their Course Handicap for each match to set the Playing Handicap having taken full difference.

    We set the player eligibility rules using a Maximum Handicap Index because that is what makes every player equal.

    When playing you will then calculate your Course Handicap for the course the match is played on:

    Handicap Index x (Slope Rating ÷ 113) = Course Handicap

    You then take the full difference of the 2 opponents Course Handicaps for the Playing Handicap in your game in the match.

    Useful links to help with calculating your Course Handicap

    The Maximum Handicap Indexes for 2021 Competitions are

    • Ladies Handicap Index of 30
    • Gents Handicap Index of 20

    This means the maximum Handicap Index which can be used by players in the competition is 20 (Gents) and 30 (Ladies).

    A player with a Handicap Index greater than the limit could play in a team as long as their Course Handicap is calculated from the Maximum Handicap Index for the competition; Some examples:

    • A female player with a Handicap Index of 31.9 could play as long as their Course Handicap is calculated from a Handicap Index of 30.
    • A male player with a Handicap Index of 20.9 could play as long as their Course Handicap is calculated from a Handicap Index of 20.

    There is no limit on the Course Handicap of players in either competition.

    The new handicap system is launched in November 2020

    The introduction of the WHS has seen the removal of Competition Rule 6.c. So No additional shots will be given to away players.