Playing Matches Safely

Now golf has returned it’s important we all Play Safe.

We want to remind you and highlight some of the considerations you will need to make to ensure you comply with the Government, England Golf & Host Club rules in place at the time of your match in relation to Covid-19, so you and your team can safely play, comply and enjoy your match.

The Rule of 6

The Government ‘Rule of 6’ will impact how your team of 7 players interacts with you as a team captain, their fellow players and the 7 opposition players.

You must plan in advance how you will communicate to all your players, before, during and after your match to ensure you maintain the ‘Rule of 6′ and manage your team and match safely and in compliance with the “Rule of 6’ 

We recommend using phones and messaging apps with your players to communicate playing orders before games and afterwards to collect individual game results

Team Captains are responsible for knowing all guidance in place at the time of your match. 

We strongly recommend the host team captain shares in advance any guidance which must be followed at the host club, such as arrival instructions; e.g. remain in your car till x mins before tee time and what contact tracing requirements must be met. Also plan for if a game needs to be concluded by sudden death the procedure your players need to follow to ‘re-enter the course’

Our competition rules are clear it is your responsibility to ensure your team comply with all guidance, we take the safety of play seriously and will disqualify any team which breaches any covid related guidance. So please review, talk with your opposing team captain and share with your players how to ensure they ‘play safe’

Rule 13. Clubs, Teams & Players must follow all Government & England Golf guidance in relation to Covid-19 in place at the time of play.
a. Team Captains are responsible for ensuring their team members follow all Government and England Golf Guidance in place at the time of playing their match. Failure to do so will result in disqualification from the competition. 

We know returning to golf will be different but we know all our team captains will take this responsibility seriously to ensure we can enjoy and play our matches safely.

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