Quarters here we come!

WOW!  What a day.  Mickleover A hosted Charnwood Forest A team at home on Thursday 7th July.  The weather was superb, the greens were superb and most importantly our guests were superb too – by far the friendliest bunch of chaps that we have played against!  Credit to themselves and their club.

Mickleover’s first man out needed to get done quickly as he had a seniors foursomes match to get to, he was done a little quicker than he really wanted to be, he was beaten 5n4 by the Charnwood Forest Man, we were 1 down.

Then came the Alamo!  Mickleover’s next  6 chaps stunned Charnwood into defeat with 6 victories, amongst them a 7n6 (dog licence!) and a couple of close 2n1’s in there as well, leading to a commanding 6-1 victory for Mickleover.

A few beers were had afterwards, along with a short speech from Captains Neil King for Mickleover and Mark Fieldhouse for Charnwood Forest.

We enjoyed each others company so much that Mark has invited us all along to their place for another game, needless to say we can’t wait to go and have a knock around their course.

Great day, this is what Taskers is all about!!!

Neil King - Mickleover A

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