Just In Time

Chesterfield E 5 ½ - 1 ½ Lutterworth C

After a challenging time trying to arrange our match , we eventually managed it on the last day. the green staff came through for us and we played on 16 full greens, it was touch and go to get it played by the 14th.

Lutterworth C Team had to contend with playing off mats which they were not used to playing on , which of course did not help their cause.

The weather god was kind to us  and we played in mostly sunny warmish conditions, the match was played in good spirits, with Chesterfield E team managing to get a win, which personally I put down to the Cadbury cream egg chocolate bars that i dished out to my team on the first tee.

I would like to wish Lutterworth C team the very best in the plate and have extended a welcome to their players to come and play chesterfield GC later in the year when they can experience our course in its full glory .

Alan Taylor - Chesterfield E

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