How things can change in a week…

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2013 Ian Burtoft Trophy Winners – Bondhay

This time last week, it was cold and raining, and the deer were getting ready for the rut.

It’s still cold and wet, and no doubt, the stags are still protecting their girls.

However… one thing has changed, and that is the history of the Ian Burtoft Trophy.

It was Bondhay ladies’ first foray into the world of Taskers, and as a team, we were a little nervous as we had no idea what to expect from the competition.  However, our first match was at home, against Radcliffe-on–Trent, and being drawn at home really helped our spirits.  We were fortunate to win the match 5-2, and that gave us a real boost.  From that point, it feels as if we just didn’t look back.

So, the day of the final…

We arrived at Wollaton in plenty of time for bacon sandwiches, cups of tea and numerous photographs, all the time, watching the fabulous stags wandering over the fairways and greens – a useful distraction to the game in hand.

So quickly, we were called to the first tee in drizzle and chill, but the adrenaline started to take over, and all the ladies set off with steel in their spirits.  After a short time, the sun came creeping out from behind the grey clouds, lifting the temperature, our spirits and the ardour of the stags.

The matches finished one by one, a win, and a loss.  Another loss and a win, and then another win and a loss.   All square after six matches. Phew!!!

The final match attracted a big crowd of supporters from both Coxmoor and Bondhay, and both players must have been feeling the pressure at this point.  Our anchor lady kept her head down and her nerve to win with a fabulous putt.

We’d won!

Into the clubhouse for showers, celebratory drinks and many excited texts home and to other Bondhay ladies.

The hospitality from Taskers was fabulous.  Their generosity second to none.  And a superb meal finished off a really amazing day.

Our thanks to all those who helped make the day so memorable.  We look forward to defending our title next year… and hopefully, still mending the hoof marks on the greens.


Lynda Moore

Bondhay Team Captain

Ian Burtoft Trophy