If the shoe fits…

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Taskers involvement with sport can be found deep in the company history, with the invention of machinery to manufacture rubber soled cricket shoes. The Great Exhibition of the Works of Industry of all Nations 1851, saw founder John Tasker’s Cricket shoes, manufactured on the machinery detailed in the catalog;

221 Tasker, John Sheffield Inventor and Manufacturer.

Pair of cricket shoes with gutta percha bottoms made principally by machinery applicable to the manufacture of various kinds of boots or shoes superior for durability and appearance made in one third of the time and much cheaper than the ordinary boots or shoes

John Tasker applied his innovative Sheffield spirt from his core skill as a maker of leather and rubber goods (he even invented a rubber ball!) and engaged with the technical advances of the time to pioneer need methods of manufacture.

Taskers are currently celebrating their 175th Anniversary, and continue supporting sport today not making machinery for boot makers but, with your involvement in the Inter-Club to support junior golf in your county.

Whats your memories of how sporting shoes have changed, can you remember your first pair of golf shoes, how do they compare to the designs of today? Leave a comment and let us know!