Share your golfing news here

The 19th is your place to share golfing news, events, match reports. It’s a great place to interact with all the teams in both the Gent and Ladies competitions and continue the camaraderie off the course and into ‘the 19th’

Any team captain, player, club official is welcome to submit a post on any golfing topic, why not tell everyone about…

  • An open event at your club
  • A golfing success
  • A charity competition
  • Your Taskers Trophy Match
  • A thank you to your match hosts
  • A hole in one
  • Interesting county news
  • Junior Golf News

When you submit a post all we need is your name (will be shown on the 19th) a report / post title – this is the ‘Headline’ and the report content.

You can also upload some images or pictures with your post, so why not sent in a team photo with your match report, or include a copy of your open poster?

Click here to submit a post 

All submissions are held and reviewed before publishing, so they won’t be visible straight away, this is to ensure they don’t contain anything they shouldn’t do!

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