Gents Round 1 Last Day of Play Sunday 25th April

Remember the last day of play for Round 1 of the Gents Taskers Trophy is Sunday 25th April.

For Round 2 please ensure you arrange your match as soon as your opponents are shown in the draw, this happens shortly after submitting the result for your match result online, so do keep regularly checking on the Round 2 draw and make sure you and your team are ready for Round 2.

Round 2 sees the losing teams from Round 1 now competing for the Taskers Plate and winners continuing to compete in the Taskers Trophy, remember this is the same competition so the same rules apply, including player eligibility.

Team Captains when logged in view My Matches to find contact details and also options to submit results, which you can view and submit on your smartphone.

Please ensure you submit your result online and on time as required by the rules.

Last day of play for Round 2 matches is Sunday 23rd May

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