Trip up the Dronfield bye-pass sees Chesterfield A closely beat Hallowes A with Golf and new friendships winning the day 

The gentlemen of Chesterfield A visited the gentlemen of Hallowes on a blustery dry day in The Taskers Plate round 2 match. The matches were closely battled and three of the pairs had to re-visit the 1st/19th hole to decide their fate. Hallowes were victorious in two of the matches Paul Bywater and Tim Dury losing out to Kev Bateman and Mark Winkley. 2-0 to Hallowes. Chesterfield’s Rob Johnston was up next and gained first blood for the visitors winning his match 4 & 3 against Bob Woolhouse.

Captain Dave Jones was next up 3 over gross on the front 9 and 3 up at the turn. Mike West fought back well and had squared the match by 14 making the 15th par 5 a crucial hole in the match, Dave managed to go back to 1 up with the 16th par 5 looming. Mike West took the ‘fast lane’ for his drive and ended up level with Dave, with Mike miss-hitting his 2nd shot Dave sought his chance with the door slighly ajar! 

Hitting an agressive 5 wood 230 yds into the left hand greenside bunker, Mike not to be outdone managed to put his 3rd in the right hand greenside bunker. With both players on the beach Mike to play next thinned his 4th across the green and without losing his turn knocked his putt 3/4 way towards the hole. Dave’s 3rd went within 5 ft. Mikes putt just crept by and conceded for 6; Dave holed his birdie putt going 2 up with 2 to play. The wind took Daves drive off  ‘Piste’ on 17 with Mike safely on the short stuff for nothing having a shot.

Dave dropped out of the staked area and got his ball back in play. Mike advanced his ball up the fairway towards the green re-visiting the beach for three and out for four. Dave had hit his third topside and had a tricky chip to keep him in the hole. Mike putted out for his 7 nett 6 and Dave made the up and down for 5. The 18th was halved in sixes Dave the eventual victor 3 & 1.

The match poised at Hallowes 2 pts, Chesterfield 2 pts with 3 matches to come in. Chesterfields Paul Ward had won his match 4 & 3 and Alan Taylor had lost his 6 & 4, match 3 pts each with one to finish. Chesterfields anchor Phil Barratt was 1 down and 1 play not realising the weight of the match rested on his broad shoulders. Little did he know that winning the 18th meant he was back off to the 1st against 83 yrs old David Slingsby.

Clubhouse banter was rife as we knew Phil had a shot over David and local knowledge suggested David couldn’t make the 1st green in two! Phil and David were spotted through the clubhouse window with men not knowing which way the match had gone. Phil appeared first and put us all out of our pondering stating he had parred the 19th to win his game 1up and indeed the match for Chesterfield. Final result Hallowes 3pts Chesterfield 4pts.

All matches were played in great spirit and closely battled. Golf and new friendships won the day.

David Jones - Chesterfield A

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