Taskers Trophy Ladies Inter-Club Draw Published

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The Taskers Trophy Inter-Club committee have now published the draw for the 2018 Taskers Trophy Ladies Inter-Club, competing for the Ian Burtoft Trophy.

We have published our draw for the Ladies earlier than usual, this is to ensure you have time to plan and arrange your matches – for those who have entered the competition before, please note  due to having the highest number of teams enter in our history, to accommodate this we have Round 1B, where 4 teams have to play a knockout before Round 2.

Round 1

The last day of play for Round 1 is Monday 23th April

The first round is played both Home and Away, with the both results aggregating to form the result for Round 1. These matches can be played in any order to suit team and course availability, a result is required to be submitted online after each ‘leg’.

All individual matches must be played to a result – for example in the first match played their should be no ‘halved matches’ as the overall result is in doubt – if on conclusion of the second match the result is all square the rules detail how to resolve a result – Check the Rules and FAQ for more detail.

Competition Rules

We encourage you to fully read and understand the competition rules which set out:

  • How you are to arrange matches ‘the home club must offer a minimum of 3 dates, one of which must be a weekend.’
  • Playing conditions for matches- ensuring the first match played is to a definitive result, no halves!
  • Responsibility of both team captains to ensure a result is submitted.
  • We have information in our FAQ section which provides guidance on some rulings, including the ruling on resolving ties in Round 1 Matches – so it’s worth heading over there too!

Next Steps

  • View the Draw
  • Make contact with your opponents
  • Arrange dates for play
  • Get your team ready to play
  • Enjoy your First Round match
Team Directory

The team directory contains all the details you need to contact your opposing team – to enter the directory you will need to enter your username and password which has been emailed to all team captains.

Thank you

As always the last days of play for all rounds are listed on the website, and as soon as your opponents are shown in the next round you can arrange and play your match

The organising committee wish all teams great success in their matches, if you require any further information please check the FAQ section or contact us at interclub@taskersuk.com – Remember the committee are here to support you so please do not hesitate to ask us any question.

Thank you again for entering the Taskers Trophy Ladies Inter-Club and supporting junior golf in your county.