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The Taskers Trophy websites are mobile compatible so you can use your smartphone to view the draw, check the directory, submit a result, view the FAQ and check the rules.

So when you’re out and about you’ll be able to find team captains contact details, submit results before you get home and tell your story on the19th, easily using a smartphone – remember to check clubhouse rules before you take your phone out! (We don’t want your story to be around being told off for using your mobile!) You can also send the website link to your team members so they can review the rules and FAQ before their match (and during if there is any confusion)

Moreover, when visiting interclub.org.uk or ladies.interclub.org.uk from an iPhone or iPad you will be prompted to add the website to your home screen, with a banner at the top of the page. Following the instructions will then enable you to install an icon on your home screen. If you don’t want to do this, you can dismiss the message and you won’t be prompted again. If this doesn’t show on your phone you can add us as a bookmark to your browser too.


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  1. Annette O'Meara

    Everything seems to work fine on the IPad but the Team Directory doesn’t work on the IPhone for some reason. You can log in to the Team Directory and search but then you can not access the details. Why?

    1. Blair Crawford
      Blair Crawford

      Give it a try again on the iPhone it should be working, there was a small error we have just corrected for some sizes of iPhone screens – Thanks for spotting!

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